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During this difficult time, we find ourselves scrolling on our phones more than usual.
We’re turning to the internet’s never-ending content to cheer ourselves up, or even just to find some motivation and inspiration. Although most restrictions were lifted, the war is not over, and this whole situation is weighing on most of us.
It’s important that even in this situation, we keep our lives going – cautiously. If you aren’t currently working due to COVID-19, then it’s the perfect time to learn something new or work on other projects that you don’t usually have much time for.
Whilst I understand that we might not be so motivated, we have to remain disciplined and try our best nonetheless.
I gathered my favourite 20 quotes / sayings that inspire and motivate me to work and be productive when I least want to. I also created some fun clothing pieces and framed for my faves!
Here are my favourite 20 inspirational quotes!
Before I end this post, I wanted to share a small trick that really helps me to get motivated to work.
Whenever I buy a new notebook, I always write something short and motivational on the very first page (or on the inside of the cover pages). This way, when I feel that I need a bit of a kick to get myself in the ‘working’ mood, I read it to myself.

Do you have a ritual that helps you get in your ‘working’ spirit? What’s your favourite quote? Let me know in the comments section below! 

Stay glamorous,

Jas Rolyn (formerly known as Jasmar Cassar) 🦄✨


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